Despite the hearsay about landlords & letting agents wanting to claim as much of your deposit as possible, this isn’t the case. 

The key to avoiding deductions to your deposit is to maintain the property as well as you can, and to make sure at the end of the tenancy you hand it back in a similar condition to when you moved in. 

It is recommended that you attend the check-out appointment – in order to fix any small issues the representative may pick up on. Because you won’t be able to return to the property at a later date, this will be your only opportunity to do so.

The condition of the inside of the property can vary depending on the length of your tenancy, but by using your Inventory/Check-in report as a reference, you should have a good idea of what the landlord/agent is expecting. This will then be compared to the Inventory/check-in report. 

It is important to note that landlords and letting agents must take into consideration fair wear and tear.


Fair wear and tear does not cover cleanliness. 

The majority of deposit disputes are down to the cleanliness of the property on check-out not matching the cleanliness on check-in. Particularly appliances such as ovens not being cleaned. 

Remember to clean around the edges of all the rooms where dust can accumulate!


Bins must be emptied as the property needs to be ready for a new tenant. 

If collection day is within a day or two, the representative may allow you to revisit the property to put the bins out.


Don’t forget to give the garden a final once over before handing the keys back, a messy/overgrown garden is a common occurrence on check out that can be costly. Don’t forget to remove any weeds!


Another common deduction from deposits is replacement lightbulbs. Simply take some spares to the check-out and replace.


Any damage caused to the property will need to be rectified before the end of your tenancy. 

If you have installed nails/hooks onto walls, these must be removed (unless permission to leave them is obtained from the landlord/agency.) If you aren’t sure what to do about any damage caused during your tenancy, just ask your landlord/letting agent.  

If you are unsure of your responsibility for any of the deductions put to you, the agent should be able to provide you with date/time stamped photographic evidence relating to these deductions.

Further guidance can be found on the Deposit Protection Service Website

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