Why SWITCH to Katie Homes?


Strict rent control policy to ensure your rental income is consistent and on time.

No hidden fees — we are honest and upfront about our charges.

We can arrange the switch over process so it is completely hassle free.


If you’re not happy with your current managing agent, you are well within your rights to serve them the relevant notice period and switch agents. You wouldn’t go back to a shop or restaurant time after time if you weren’t happy with the service, so why suffer with your current letting agent.

Whether you have a large property portfolio, 1 or 2 houses, or if you’re an accidental Landlord, you should be earning a profit from renting out your property. That means you require a regular rental income in line with the current market value, minimal if not zero void periods, and no hefty maintenance bills that you weren’t aware of.

At Katie Homes, we pride ourselves on communicating with our landlords to ensure they are aware of any maintenance issues. We ensure we find you tenants that are happy within your houses, and ideally, tenants that want to stay long term. We listen to what you want from a managing agent and tailor our services to suit you.

If you’re thinking that you just can’t be bothered to switch – we will do it all for you! You won’t have a gap in your rental income, and we do all the hard work of chasing your current agent!

Call us today to talk about SWITCH and how it can benefit you.

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